Monday, September 26, 2011

Grace Ennis Argyle Chevron Clock Socks #72-109 from 1957

I admit that I will often get bored with a pair of socks long before they are completed.  I have found that if I start another pair, that I can go back and forth without getting too bored.  Since the Interlocking Diamonds socks below are so detailed I decided to start a super simple pair.  I must see/need progress and the Argyle Chevron Clock socks will be SUPER fast!

The actual pattern area on these is relatively small and not very detailed.  I'm only using one skein of the Main Color (MC) or sock body color which is Knit Picks Almond because the pattern is easily floated or carried.  I am using bobbins of Edamame and Sweet Potato.  Simple, fast, easy colorwork in nice warm Autumn colors. 

Close up of the little bitty argyles on either side of the leg. 

Since this sock's detail or pattern ends well before the heel flap starts I can cheat (shhh) and start knitting in the round after turning the heel.  Even though the pattern dictates knitting the instep flat I have found these move along much faster in the round.  Not authentic but the end result looks the same in 1/3 the time.

Also, I found a pattern on Ebay this weekend that I needed for my collection.  YAY!  Only 12 more to go to have them ALL!!  This one looks very wrinkled with some deep fold creases but hopefully all is good when it arrives!! 
#7204  Diamond Overlay Socks from 1949

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