Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amy March's Slippers by Tiny Owl Knits

Aren't these CUTE??  Do you LOVE Little Women?  Can you see Amy wearing these? 

 I needed a new pair of slippers, not really but I Wanted a new pair of slippers and I found this pattern on a while back.  I bought the yarn, Lion brand Thick and Quick Wool and the US size 10 1/2" DPNs but never started on these because I just couldn't concept the cast on.  Sounds simple, "use your favorite Toe Up Sock Cast On," except I've never done Toe Up Socks.  Speed Bump.  Read further and decided that the Short Row Heel instructions were also well beyond my ability.

After staring the BeeKeeper's Quilt and learning the cast on there I remembered this pattern.  Same cast on!!  I dug out the yarn and DPNs last night after everyone was tucked in.  Up to the heel went SO fast!  Heel, another story entirely!  Never did figure it out.  I did try, I swear.  So I opted for a darted heel and did get some large-ish holes along the "dart" but these are just slippers.  Thick Wool slippers in South Central Texas.  Holes may be welcome, we'll see!!  LOL

I omitted the lace and ribbons.  While really soft, feminine, girly and just plan cute I live with 2 cats and 7 dogs.  I don't need to advertise my feet as play things!  In omitting the ribbon though I actually had to change the finishing step for these.  I picked up 8 stitches on either side between the heel and the ribbing and did a formal bind-off around.  Overall I am pleased with the outcome.  These only took a few hours to create the pair.  Not a bad Football game day project!!  The Aggies vs Razorbacks game is on the TV....11 minutes to go and I'm finished!  "Ohhhh Yeah!!!!" (Vector)  =)

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