Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grace Ennis designed Children's Socks?? Who Knew?

UPDATE: Just completed Sock #1 and I'm very proud of myself. Never attempted an argyle before and actually had decided Grace's Argyles would be the last on my list to knit until I ran across this baby! A child's sock is not as intimidating as an adult's! Love the way this turned out. Not sure I love the instep being knit separate from the heel/gusset and stitched on but it worked and looks good too!! YAY! =) Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!! I would love to chat with Grace Ennis Fans! Oh, and this is Children's Size Argyle #4801 Sizes 4 to 8 1/2!

I came across a Children's Argyle sock pattern last week and started right in. Used floats on the diamonds and didn't like it so frogged it all and started again, this time with the necessary bobbins. I LOVE this little sock! I don't have small children but oh boy if I did they would be wearing these!! I really hope to find others now that I know about them! So, the 4000 series is for kiddos I'm guessing! If you have any and would like them to have a new home, contact me!! =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grace Ennis Hole in One #7235 (Golf)

Here is the completed Grace Ennis Hole-In-One Golf #7235 sock from 1951. I didn't knit these the way they should be, first you knit the top/leg flat and you knit one way and purl back on the same "row". Since these were for Chris to wear while golfing I cut the Purl row out completely to create a sock half as tall. I used sport weight yarn for these simply because that is what is available to me at a moments notice and I tend to be an instant gratification kinda gal! If I have to order the yarn and wait for it to arrive, I've moved on to other things by the time it finally gets here and I have a big box of yarn to add to my ever growing pile....I hope you enjoy these socks and if you can find a Grace Ennis, Graphic Knitting Patterns pattern out there, snatch it up! They are really fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


UPDATE!!: May 10, 2011
Here is a pic of TARDIS Sock #1 Complete and on my foot!! hehehe! Started second sock last night and have completed the ribbing, need to join black yarn and begin Police Box!! FUN, FUN!! Chris says he plans to wear these while watching Dr. Who on Sunday nights!!
I bit off more than I could chew this week and FAILED!! =( Oh well! I found a sock pattern on Ravelry.com for Tardis Socks. Chris is a HUGE Dr. Who fan (he has tons of older episodes on DVD even) so I thought it would be really neat to make them for his birthday. The month had gotten away from me though because I started these on April 30th and his birthday is today, May 3! Oopps!! Well, I showed him the unfinished sock this morning and he thought it was a hoot so now I just need to finish!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Slithery Socks!!

This is still a work in progress but I made a pair of tube socks and while knitting had a huge brain fart and instead of working the pattern I found that I had worked about 4 inches of K4P4 ribbing . I continued because I didn't really have a plan and was not about to rip out all that work. I started a toe decrease in plain knit about 12 inches into the "tube" and finished off. The second sock took no time at all. Lying flat on the table last night these guys really reminded me of snakes so this quick kiddo pattern is coming to life!

Take a camo print or brown/green varigated sock yarn. CO 36 stitches and start your K4P4 ribbing. Continue for 5-7 inches or desired length. Start toe decreases (will give these in a little while, but I'm thinking K6, K2tog, continue. Knit 2 rounds, etc.

Now, you need a forked I-cord and two black buttons. If you want to actually wear these socks, make the tongue in felt as well as the eyes!! How fun!! Will get a prototype together soon!