Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grace Ennis Hole in One #7235 (Golf)

Here is the completed Grace Ennis Hole-In-One Golf #7235 sock from 1951. I didn't knit these the way they should be, first you knit the top/leg flat and you knit one way and purl back on the same "row". Since these were for Chris to wear while golfing I cut the Purl row out completely to create a sock half as tall. I used sport weight yarn for these simply because that is what is available to me at a moments notice and I tend to be an instant gratification kinda gal! If I have to order the yarn and wait for it to arrive, I've moved on to other things by the time it finally gets here and I have a big box of yarn to add to my ever growing pile....I hope you enjoy these socks and if you can find a Grace Ennis, Graphic Knitting Patterns pattern out there, snatch it up! They are really fun!

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