Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Golly Socks by Nicki Miller

Golly Socks

"A toe-up mansock, this pattern with traditional textured Scottish gansey stitch patterns was inspired by Compton Mackenzie’s novel Monarch of the Glen (also a BBC television series of the same name) character Golly Mackenzie, who was the gilly of the Glenbogle estate. These were designed to be boot socks, therefore long socks. My husband is a fly-fisherman, and these are perfect for wearing with his felt soled boots. They could also be kilt socks with just a bit more length and a deeper cuff to fold-over."

Chris LOVES Monarch of the Glen and he actually asked for a pair of socks.  In all these years of knitting socks he has never done that so I decided he really wanted these. 

Knit them cuff-down because I don't like a toe-up sock and had to them create a heel flap and gusset that worked and also a basic toe of decrease one round, knit one round, decrease, etc. until 20 stitches were left which I then grafted together.

Nice masculine sock in a neutral color.  Hope he likes them and gets much wear out of them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wow! It's been 9 months since I've been here!

I seriously had to request the password just to get back in! 

In 2012 I knit 14 pair of socks.  Several for KALs or Knit-A-Longs and then my usual Grace Ennis.  I was also lucky enough to FINALLY get ALL of Grace's patterns for my collection!  YAY!!!  I had a little help motivation-wise by joining the KALs and also a group on Ravelry, 12 in 2012.  Such beautiful socks were knit by this group of people and so many patterns to add to my list of future projects!  Here are some of my completed 12 in 2012!
Angee by Cookie A

 Noro Enterlac Socks by Jamie Fritz

Whozit by Rebecca Mercier

Cauchy by Cookie A

Sunshine by Cookie A

Eunice by Cookie A

Khotan from Silk Road Socks

Water to Sky Anklets by Thakshayini Shanthakumar

Winter Garden by Betsy Lee McCarthy

Toe-Up Socks with a Difference by Wendy D. Johnson

Hot Rod by Grace Ennis, Graphic Knitting Patterns
The 12 in 2012 group was just a huge hit that they have extended it into this year:  13 in 2013.  I've completed 2 for the year and will have #3 finished by this afternoon, hopefully!
Weeping Angel by Marie Martin

Harpa Socks by Natalie Jacobs

Golly Socks by Nicki Miller
I have Glynis by Cookie A on my needels as well as Boo Socks and The Gardener.  I have Pixi Dust too but not digging the heel so far so I may frog or at least change the pattern up to fit my comfort level!  Not a bad start to my 13 in 2013!!