Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Golly Socks by Nicki Miller

Golly Socks

"A toe-up mansock, this pattern with traditional textured Scottish gansey stitch patterns was inspired by Compton Mackenzie’s novel Monarch of the Glen (also a BBC television series of the same name) character Golly Mackenzie, who was the gilly of the Glenbogle estate. These were designed to be boot socks, therefore long socks. My husband is a fly-fisherman, and these are perfect for wearing with his felt soled boots. They could also be kilt socks with just a bit more length and a deeper cuff to fold-over."

Chris LOVES Monarch of the Glen and he actually asked for a pair of socks.  In all these years of knitting socks he has never done that so I decided he really wanted these. 

Knit them cuff-down because I don't like a toe-up sock and had to them create a heel flap and gusset that worked and also a basic toe of decrease one round, knit one round, decrease, etc. until 20 stitches were left which I then grafted together.

Nice masculine sock in a neutral color.  Hope he likes them and gets much wear out of them.

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