Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finding other uses for those scrapbooking supplies/tools

This is my Boss's chair.  He popped the little button off, probably with his pocket seam but he just can't stand the way it looks.  He wanted me to fix it.  How?  Why does he think I am capable of repairing his chair?  I let it go and he didn't bring it up again until last week (granted he has been in Colorado since May but still) so this must REALLY bother him. 

I remembered my Imaginisce I-Top brad maker.

I brought all the goodies up to the office today and my Medium Brad Daddies are excatly the same size as his chair button!  Viola, new chair button!!! 

I haven't quite decided how to attach it to the chair and make it secure but that will come too!  Robin and Candice have both said (more than once) that I have one of everything craft related and that simply isn't true but my little tool/gadget stash came in handy today even if it wasn't for scrapbooking!!  =)

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