Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ugh!!! Something NEW to learn! Do you know about KNOOKING?

I'm a member of several groups on Ravelry and I do participate when the topic is of interest to me.  Otherwise I tend to lurk and move on.  There has been talk of "Knooking" lately but that word doesn't mean anything to me so I moved on. Well, it continues to pop up and today Leisure Arts offered a Free Amigurumi Piggy pattern so I clicked.  Amigurumi is, for anyone who doesn't know, small knitted toys/dolls of Japanese origin.  They are often crocheted and done so in the round.  Recently there have been many patterns created for knitting them instead.

 Knooking is Knitting using Crochet Hooks!  WHAT?  Take a look, now there's something new I NEED to learn and I just have to have that KIT!!! 

If you’ve been wanting to knit but always felt awkward holding those big
long needles, now you can conquer knitting with a special crochet hook called
The Knook. These bamboo hooks look like regular crochet hooks on one end but

have a hole in the other end for connecting a silky cord to hold your stitches.
Everything you need for learning is in a beginner kit that comes with Knooks in
three sizes (G-4 mm, H-5 mm and I-5.5 mm), three 36-inch cords, and a pocketsize
instruction book with 4 beginner projects. has free how-to
videos (with general instructions both for left-handers and right-handers) and
additional patterns.
Here is the Freebie Pig pattern that you can get from the Leisure Arts Blog.  Isn't this the CUTEST stinkin' Piggy?  Gah!
Click for the pattern! HERE

and here is what the KIT looks like.  Says it's available at Wal-nart (Dang, I don't even have to wait for it....)

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