Monday, September 19, 2011

Grace Ennis Graphic Knitting Patterns Interlocking Diamonds Socks, #7268 from 1954

I've been working SO hard on my HexiPuff quilt and popping those little puffs out 1 about every 35 minutes or so but I really needed to get back to my socks.  I looked at my stash of sock yarn to see what colors/color combos I could come up with (I CANNOT buy any more yarn!) and decided I would Cast On the Interlocking Diamonds socks.

I have all the colors listed in the pattern albeit my yellow is Semolina and not bright yellow but I like the colors together and that's all that matters.  I cast on while watching The Lost Room in my little craft area last night and got just past the ribbing before calling it a night.  More to come, these really do knit up quickly, it's the second sock that takes so long!  I suffer from Second Sock Syndrome for sure!! 

Leg complete as well as instep.  Now to stitch up the back leg seam, work the reinforced heel, gusset and foot so I can then stitch up the foot and the instep.  The toe will be worked in the round.

It is even Bee-utiful on the back because no stitches were carried but done using bobbins of color.

Since the design on this particular sock travels down the instep, you have to knit the instep and heel/sole areas separately then join the two using the mattress stitch. 

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