Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Hexipuffs and the last batch for August

I promised myself I would try for at least 5 puffs a day so this Beekeeper's quilt would actually have a chance at being completed in my lifetime but I have not been very good this week.  I did decorate the few I managed to get knitted so that makes it all better, right?  NOT!  Oh well, now that school has started and all my bosses are back in full swing my days of  watching Disney movies and knitting at my desk are OVER!!!

I made a little cupcake puff!  I think it needs a cherry on top, may add that later on because if I hate it I can undo it!
Some random Daisies

and a Moon.  I chose a varigated yarn for the moon and so I didn't add the highlighting or shading stitches per the pattern.  I also left off the pink cheek and blue eye.  I like it.

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