Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The MOST AWESOME Ebay find EVER!! Grace Ennis Binder

I'm an Ebay pro and I will admit that without shame (much).  I can usually find the things I want even if the seller hasn't used the typical keywords.  Like the last Grace Ennis sock patterns I found were listed as "Vintage 1949 Litho Sheet Knitting Socks" so not my usual search terms for GE patterns.  They were ones I didn't have and I was excited!  These are not in the best condition but I can't wait for them to come in as I am getting ever closer to having them ALL!!

Well, the other day I came across a seller who had listed the Boston Terrier and the German Shepherd, both of which I didn't have and in corresponding with her found out that she had a "ton more to be listed."  I was over the moon!  I asked if she would tell me which ones, she said basically "no", blah, blah but in the end she said she had an original Grace Ennis Binder with old page protectors, a list of all Grace Ennis sock patterns as well as color pictures of many!  That was going to be mine!  It came in last night and I LOVE it!!!!

Across the very bottom there is reads, "Patterns at Yarn Stores everywhere or order direct from Grace Ennis P.O. Box 49-908, Los Angeles 49, California.  Please remit with order at 25c per pattern plus 4c to cover mailing (4c covers 1 to 3 patterns).  No COD's. 

Now I have a complete list and can actually look for specific patterns.  This binder was printed up before she published a few patterns though because the list ends with patterns # 72-113 (which I do not have) and I have # 72-114 - 72-116. 

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