Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Fun Monkey DPNs Holders FOR SALE!!!

Shown holding 4 Size 1 7" long metal sock needles.

Close-up of Red/Mauve Monkey Couple

Close-Up of Turquoise Monkey Couple.

Summer Fun Monkey Couples to save your knitting are HERE!!  I have 3 pair of Red/Mauve Monkeys and 3 pair of Turquoise Monkeys.  Each set comes with a Male Monkey end and a Female Monkey end, hence Monkey Couple...  They will hold DPNs, Single Point and/or crochet hooks as storage or while a work in progress is on the needles (to keep from dropping stitches!).  These guys fit 7" to 9" needles with elastic cording to keep the monkeys secure.  Light weight and compact when not in use and easy to store.  Several of these stitch holders will fit nicely in a Sandwich size Ziplock bag!  Asking $5.50/set plus $1.50 for USPS First Class Shipping within the Continental US only.

Aloha everyone!!

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