Friday, June 10, 2011

Grace Ennis Graphic Knitting Patterns Miniature Socks #2401 from 1954

This pattern sheet has 5 patterns for Miniature Socks and this is #3 for me to knit.  A tiny little Argyle in bright girly colors.  Here I am showing you the bobbins needed to keep the yarn straight!  Gah!

Since the argyle design continues down the instep of the sock you do not join this in the round until after.  So, here is the leg and the instep/foot knit in design.

Stitch up the back, stitch the sole and instep together, continue to the toe and voila!  A perfect Miniature Grace Ennis Sock!

I have no idea just what to do with these so maybe they will serve as needle holders/keepers?  I'm also toying with the idea of a mobile of just mini socks?  Too weird?

24 Stitches across, 1/2" K2 P2 Ribbing then start the design.

Beer Mug sans Angora foam shown in flat and round. Still have a few more foot rounds before starting the toe decreases. I used I Love This Yarn! Sport in White, Bright Blue and Lipstick for this sock.

Cuff, leg, heel, foot and toe done just need to graft the toe and the seam up the back of the Corn Cob Pipe with real Angora yarn as smoke.

These were called Car Charms and were knit to hang/dangle from a car's rearview mirror. How fun, huh? The pattern sheet came with 5 itty bitty sock patterns, Corn Cob Pipe with Angora Smoke, Initials, Argyle, Cocktail or Wine Glass and Beer Mug with Angora Foam. I've managed to compete the Corn Cob Pipe and actually did use Angora for the Smoke and the Beer Mug is underway as we speak but I didn't waste the expensive Angora on the foam, I used regular sport weight yarn. I also have the #2402 which is a 4-Leaf Clover, Horseshoe, Dice and Lucky Number. Grace called these miniature socks Lucky Car Charms. First to complete the 5 on No. 1!!! I used a Debbie Bliss light brown yarn for the main sock body with I Love This Yarn! Sport in dark brown for the pipe. I have a small ball of real, French Angora yarn and I used a small piece for the smoke.

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