Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fairy Teddy DPNs Holders FOR SALE!!

Purple Skirt

Yellow Skirt

Green Skirt

Pink/Magenta Skirt

How CUTE are these little Fairy Teddies? They want to help keep you from dropping a stitch!!   Soft rubbery bodies, elastic cording to keep them securely on your needles.  Can be used as needle storage or on a WIP (work in progrss) and taken with you anywhere you go.  They will protect your needle points and well as your knitting bag and other items in your bag.  They fit 7" to 9" needles (longer lengths not recommended) and fit either DPNs, Single Point or Crochet Hooks.  I have 4 of each color set available.  Thanks for looking!  Hopefully these little Fairies made you smile!

You can also grab a set of these guys in my ebay store: 

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