Monday, June 13, 2011

Neon Monkey DPNs Holders FOR SALE!!

These Neon Monkeys are here to HELP keep your DPNs in one place!!! Same as with the Adorable Alligators, these guys fit 7 to 9" DPNs, Single Point and crochet hooks.  Their soft rubbery bodies are perfect to protect your needle points as well as your totebag and anything else in your bag. 

There is 1 set of Bright Green Monkeys, 1 set of Bright Orange Monkeys, 1 set of Magenta Monkeys, 1 set of Bright Blue Monkeys, 1 set of Lilac Monkeys and 1 set of Banana Yellow Monkeys!  Monkeys are $5.50 and there is a $1.50 charge to mail via USPS First Class Mail within the Continental US only.  Thanks for swinging by!!  =)

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