Monday, June 13, 2011

Adorable Alligator DPN Holders for SALE!!!

Take a look at these adorable, brightly colored Alligator DPN Holders or Stitch Holders. The elastic cord between the two friendly Alligators will stretch to accommodate 7" DPNs, single point needles and/or crochet hooks. They can be used to hold yarn on the needles while the project is not being worked on or a storage device for a set of needles. These happy little guys just love to travel and will help keep your work from unraveling while in your totebag! Their soft rubbery bodies will protect the points on your needles as well as keep them from going through the sides of your craft bag. They will not get snagged on other things in your bag. Easy and compact to store without needles and very light weight. Shown, PURPLE is empty, BLUE is holding a Size D crochet hook and 5 Size 3 DPNs, GREEN is holding 4 Size 1 metal DPNs and RED is holding a pair of Size 1 Single Point (10") metal needles (which have them stretched all the way out)

There is one set of BLUE Alligators, one set of RED Alligators, one set of PURPLE Alligators and one set of GREEN Alligators. Please remember to specify your COLOR choice upon purchase.

Sent via USPS First Class mail within the continental US only. Thanks for looking and even if you do not take one of these guys home, I hope they at least made you giggle!! =)

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