Friday, September 26, 2014

Grace Ennis Jet Airplane Socks #7231

About a month ago now, I finally completed the Jet Airplane Socks.  I didn't get many pics of this pair in progress but I used my usual Knit Picks yarn in White, Black, Royal Blue, Serrano and Semolina.  I used a size 1 needle and my purl rows are usually knitted more loosely than my knit rows but on this pair I used a size 1 circular needle and found that not to be an issue.  Can't explain why that is though.

Grace Ennis suggests Angora yarn be used for the contrail or smoke but I didn't have any and used plain white wool.  It works and is MUCH less expensive.

Since all of Grace Ennis' Graphic Knitting Patterns socks are knit flat on two needles (or 1 circular as I did here) this is what the "leg" looks like before stitching up the back using the mattress stitch and starting on the heel flap.  

I didn't knit the instep according to the pattern.  If the design runs down into the instep, Grace wrote that you were to knit the instep flat as well and then stitch it to a gusset that was created without working in the round.  I did it this way on 1 pair and didn't like that I could see the stitching on the foot.  So, from then on, if a pattern extended into the instep I have been doing it in the round.  This means TONS of little ends to weave in later and you also have to be very careful that there is no pulling or puckering.  I may give the written pattern another go, who knows.

SNEAK PEEK:  I have also been working on #7217 Triangle Overlay Socks and will post progress pics as they are available.

Knit Picks, Corn Flower Blue, Cornmeal, Oyster Heather and Pumpkin.

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