Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grace Ennis #7217 Triangle Overlay Socks

I cast on the Triangle Overlay Socks back in the summer and got so far, put them down and didn't think about them again.  I picked them back up last week and completed them.  They are really easy, large blocks of color, no floating.  The instep is another story.  I didn't do them as written.  Decided to knit this in the round after creating the heel and gusset, like any other top down sock.  Then I proceeded to pull too tightly and have a huge mess on sock 1.  RIPPED it out, said some not-so-nice words and made sure to leave a long span of yarn over the orange area.  TA DA!  Now, there are a million little ends to weave in this way rather than, say NONE, the other way, but oh well!

These were knit in Knit Picks Palette yarn using Corn Flower Blue, Oyster Heather, Cornmeal and Orange.

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