Friday, September 26, 2014

Grace Ennis Hawaiian Girl #7256 from 1953

This is the pattern that most people go GAGA over.  What could be more 1950's than a Hula Girl?  Kitchy, Tiki, etc.  These are great!!!  And very scary!  There are so many color changes in small areas, but this is the pair you want in your collection!  I obtained this pattern early on in my collecting but just couldn't bring myself to try it.  A Ravelry group member of For The Love of Grace Ennis was willing to try it and her's looked SO good that I got the same yarn and tried it too!  THANKS ItsGretchen for your inspiration!

The yarn of choice here is Hikoo by Skacel CoBaSi (COtton, BAmboo, SIlk).  It is a little stretchy.  Has some nice texture to it and is SO soft!  Iris Blue, Chocolate Milk, Forest, Ripe Raspberry and Black.

See my wonderful Yarn Bell in the background?  You know, the one that isn't holding my yarn, duh! This is my dog Chico and was created by Pots With Personality .  I sent a picture of Chico and she did the rest!  I LOVE him!!

AND, these are backwards.  Geez, you had one job!!  See the little black tip of land in front of the Hawaiian Girl?  That's the tip of Diamond Head on the other sock and the two should line up.....

I've been working on WhoDunnit #7270, from 1954 and Western #7261, from 1953.  More progress pics. blah, blah...

Again, Grace Ennis suggested Angora Yarn for the smoke.  Didn't do it!  This yarn is an acrylic yarn, Sateen by Cascade Yarns.

Knit Picks again.  Bison, Almond, and Celestial.

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