Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tiny Owl's BeeKeeper Quilt

Yesterday I started  what may well take a year to complete if you believe the designer.  I joined a KAL or Knit-A-Long on to knit a BeeKeeper Quilt.  Below is the picture provided by the designer, TinyOwlKnits.  Here's how she describes them.
"Made of little stuffed honeycomb shaped puffy pockets ♥
Use leftover scrap sock wool & it doesn’t have to be lined because it’s puffy & double sided!"

So you knit these little honycomb shaped pieces then stuff them.  You can also decorate them using the duplicate stitch that I found out was totally beyond me!  UGH!  How can that be?  Oh well, now I've watched a YouTube video by, thanks Staci and I will try again at a later date!

Here are my first 9 HexiPuffs.  All using scrap or leftover sock yarn so this project could be an awesome way to destash.  I don't really love the different color combos together but to go buy matchy-matchy yarn would totally defeat the purpose here!!!  I will resist!

I am a little ashamed to show the close up of my two failed attempts at duplicate stitch but since I'm not frogging them, go ahead and look!  I'll get better at it and the blanket will be for me so I don't care!

The designer says you need 102 HexiPuffs for a 2 x 2 foot pram quilt.  167 for a 2 x 3 foot quilt and 384 to cover the top of her daybed.  This very well could take a years time to complete something useable.  I've timed the process, so far and totally uninterrupted I can complete one HexiPuff from cast on to stuffed in just under 50 minutes.  I'll get faster and I can already do them while watching TV/movies so ....

Last night I started a solid powder blue puff.  Just naked and boring.  This morning I tried that darn Duplicate Stitch again and it worked better.  I made an Emery puff.  She will have a special spot on my blanket!  Also did a little sheep on a leaf green puff.  I'm kinda diggin' this stitch now that I know what I'm suppose to do with it!  Still need to practice but since I need upwards of 500 of these little darhlin's I will get it!!

See, my adorable little white pibble with the brown spot above her tail.  Oh well...

Chris says this doesn't look like a little sheep but a skull and crossbones!  I will NOT be asking for his opinion!!  LOL
This little HexiPuff is made using Yarn Bee baby Pitter Patter in Angel (white)!  WOW what a soft little puffy pillow!  This yarn is a thin chenille and if I hadn't promised myself I would NOT buy any more yarn I would be out there getting more of this yarn!!!  Someone on Ravelry just said they could see doing a baby blanket in blue with little white clouds and it would be heavenly!  It would be the softest thing ever, that's for sure!
I HexiPuffed all weekend, off and on, and now have 25 Puffs!  I would have more puffs if I hadn't stopped knitting and started decorating existing puffs.  The Flowers, the Gnome, the Heart...


  1. Soooo cute! I feel inspired! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Your blog is fantastic, congratulation, you made things amazing.♥♥♥