Monday, August 22, 2011

New Grace Ennis Patterns!!! YAY! Well, not new...

I went to my Ebay account Saturday morning to check and see if a customer had left feedback because I honestly took longer to mail her item than I should have and decided to see if there were any Grace Ennis patterns out there.  There were 13 or so and several I didn't have!  Score!  They are all Buy It Now so no fighting, GOOD!  I purchase the ones I need, send the seller an email requesting combined shipping and tell her THNX she had filled some holes in my collection. 

She responds that she has 40-50 more to post along with the original GE Binder.  I didn't even know there was such a thing!  COOL!!  I ask if she would be willing to tell me just what she had left because I was still missing several and she said to just check back on Sunday, she was a slow typer!?!  She's KILLING me!! Not only did she NOT list anything new on Sunday, she went up a dollar in price!  Lesson?  Keep your mouth shut and lurk!!  Oh well, my new awesome finds.....

#7216 Outline Diamond-Overlay which appears to have a monogram so there will be an alphbet chart on the back, I can sort of see it through the paper.  I've never seen this one listed before.

#7288 German Shepherd or Police Dog Socks and Necktie.  I've been looking for this one, I knew it existed just had never seen it listed before.  As with all the dog series the necktie pattern comes with.

#7287 Boston Terrier Socks and Necktie.  This completes the dog series!  I now have them ALL!!  YAY!

#7292 Football Player Socks, Necktie and Car Charm.  This the second Football themed sock in Grace's line that I know of.  I have the other titled TouchDown which is a ball and the endzone thingy.  SO 1940-50s with the car charms!  I've heard rumor there is a Fuzzy Dice pattern but have never seen it!  LOL

Wish me luck on my furture Ebay purchases!  I really can't wait to see what this seller has, I just wish she was faster at listing.  In her defense, she does have 8 listed right now, I just have them all already!  Fingers crossed.....

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