Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grace Ennis Graphic Knitting Patterns 8 Point Star Clock Socks from 1949

These took a while longer than I had anticipated.  Not because they were difficult but because I am easily distracted and I found other things to entertain me while these sat unfinished in a tote bag.  Finally decided that they needed to be done and worked on them last night.

Nancy Aldredge, at my LYS explained what "Clock" meant and I can't really remember. Something about the position on the sock and the direction, like clock hands. She went on to explain that way back when the men who knit (because women didn't) where tested to become Master Knitters and one of the test items was knitting a "Clock". Interesting, I'll need to look into that further.
"Leg" portion still on the needles.  You can sorta see the bobbins to the left.  This sock required 3 Ivory Bobbins, 2 Blue Bobbins and 2 Brown Bobbins.  I'm getting better at not getting myself all tangled!!

Decided to knit the heel and toe in the same baby blue as used in the design.  I think it turned out cute!  Change of pace!

Sort of remindes me of a Nordic Snowflake, like these should be winter ski socks!!

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