Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Red Monster Drink Cozy!

Bound off and Stitched up!  Ready for a beverage!

Cast On:  48 stitches in Red on US size 6 Single Point Needles.  Knit 3 rows.
Start chart and knit one direction, purl back.  Knit the last 3 rows.  If you want to taper the bottom of your cozy, Knit 2TOG on all 3 rows once at each end to decrease by 2.  The purple squares on the chart above indicate a decrease on that row.  You are going from 48 stitches to 42 in the end.  Bind off.  Mattress Stitch up the back.  Easy Peasy!!  I do tend to knit a little tightly so you may need to check and go down a needle size or two.

This would make a super cute Baby Bottle Buddy!  Just measure your baby bottle and take off the necessary amount of stitches.  Be sure to take the same number of stitches off of each side.  You can also lengthen this cozy to fit a Kleen Kanteen, etc., just use the same number of rows before the face and after the face to keep him centered!

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