Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elephants on Parade Drink Cozy!!

Here is the little Drink Cozy for today!  Elephants on Parade, or Pink Elephants...not while you're driving!!!  Knit Flat on 2 Single Point Needles and stitched up the back to form a tube.

Elephants have little top knots and fuzzy tail ends so I added those for a little whimsy!  You could easily add bows to the head/tails to make them (or one) girl elephants.

Color Chart.  Decrease on every row, Knit and Purl for 3 rows indicated by the green squares.  You are going from 46 stitches to 40 stitches total.  You don't need to do them right where the green squares are but make sure not to do a decrease as your first stitch.  It seems to make the Mattress Stitch more difficult at that point.  This step is optional.  If you are using a straight side drink container there is no need to make the bottom of your cozy slightly smaller than the top.  I do this because for the most part, mine are used on McDonald's Frappe cups which are tapered.

Making the fuzzy top knot.  Take your 4 ply yarn, pull two (2) ply out and thread on needle.  Go into the side of an already knit stitch like so and pull one end through.  You are sort of going under the stitch.

Now, remove needle and tie a very tight knot.  Cut to desired "Top Knot" length and really work the ends to fuzz them up.  You could even brush them!

See, Cute huh?
Follow the above instructions for both elephant's top knots and the tails.  It is easier (to me anyway) to do the tails at the back seam after it is stitched together, as shown here.

I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn in Grey Marble #401 for the elephants.  It is mottled with black, tan and brown and little random coarse threads that resemble Elephant Hair.  The speckles reminded me of every elephant I've ever met in that they are never clean!!  Oh well, use whatever colorway you like for your own elephants, this one just looked rather "elephant-y" to me.

The pink yarn is some vintage skein from my grandmother's stash that I was lucky enough to end up with.  It has moved with me several times and after all these years finally found it's calling today!  A soft pink Caron brand marked at just $.87!!  I also used a small scrap (4 inches) of Vanna's Choice in Black for the eyes and Red Heart Super Saver in White for the Tusks and Toenails.  I won't lie, I'm a knotter!  So all the little ends are knotted before weaving in! 

Cast On:  46 stitches in main color using US size 6(4.25mm) Single Point Needles. 
K1P1 ribbing for 3(4) rows.
Knit Chart.  Knit in one direction, Purl in the other. 
Since this seemed to grow on me I would probably leave the bottom ribbing off next time.  The elephants needed so much space and I didn't take that into consideration on paper.
If you choose to use the K1P1 ribbing at the bottom edge, remember to bind off in pattern. 
Sew on your Top Knots and Tail Fuzz if using.  Use the Mattress Stitch to sew up the back.  Sew Tail Fuzz at seam and you are all done!  Yay!!!  FUN re-usable drink cozy.


  1. Super cute! Thanks so much for sharing it. Very kind of you.

  2. I'm making this to surpise my hubby for Valentine's Day. Elephants are a big deal in our house. When our firstborn was little, he asked what Daddy's favorite animal is. When we told him elephant, he was hooked. Now we're all about the elephants. I'll take pictures and share on Ravelry when I'm finished. :) This is my first multicolored goes!