Friday, July 8, 2011

Grace Ennis GKP Surf Rider Socks #7271 from 1954

Here is one sock completed and the "leg" of the second sock still on needles.  See how you have a Right and Left sock now?  Cool, right?


All of Grace Ennis' sock patterns look the same.  They were set up in a tri-fold brochure format with a picture of the completed sock and the chart or pattern on the front and the complete instructions given on the back.  You are instructed to knit 2" of K2P2 ribbing before starting the chart.

These socks have a Surfer on them and my surfer is Really Experienced and TAN!  I used Knit Picks Palette yarn in Tranquil for the body of the sock, Serrano for my dude's swim trunks, Bison for the surfboard and Almond for the Surfer.  Given my yarn collection choices my surfer was either going to be VERY white, PowderPuff Pink or nice and Almond Tan.  I chose Tan!!

Look how nice and Fluffy my Angora sea spray is!  I really thought it would be more fluffy but close up it does look misty.  Real French Angora yarn is pricey.  I found some at my LYS and bought 1 small ball just for my Grace Ennis Socks.  Just a warning though...

this is what your expensive Angora yarn will look like if you have a giant dorky Pit Bull like my Chico.  He is completely messmorized by this stuff.  It's like doggie cat nip to him.  He can't help himself.  I was able to get it away from him without much slobber but what a tangled mess!!!  CHICO!!!  Drop It!!

Back of leg all stitched up, heel flap complete and heel turned.  Ready to start my decrease along the gussets and on to the foot.

With some of Grace's sock patterns you are instructed to knit a Left sock and a Right sock.  Huh?  You make the picture a mirror image and to do that you...

start your Right Sock at the top Left side of the chart working to the right and down like reading a book.  This is how you knit ALL GE charts but...

to get the Left Sock done you start at the top Right side and work to the left or the exact opposite of the first sock.  This way the Surfers will be facing each other.  You don't have to do so but why not, right?

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