Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fish in the Sea Coffee Cup Cozy!!

This Cozy is knit flat on 2 Single Point Needles and stitched up the back to form a tube.

Cast On 48 Stitches in White.
 K1P1 Ribbing for 3(4) rows. 
On the chart above I knit/purl 4 rows of white before starting the waves and in the knitted example I didn't do that.  I knit 1 and purled 1 before starting the waves so that I would have more "ocean".  Knit the chart in blue (water) and orange (Fishies). 
The first knit row after the last row fo Fish, Knit 2TOG at the red squares on each end.  This will decrease your stitches to 46. 
Purl a row.  Now knit and at the red squares, Knit 2TOG to decrease your stitches to 44. 
Purl a row.  Knit row and knit 2TOG at the red squares to decrease your stitches to 42.
At this point I bound off to finish the cozy without further ribbing but you could add  3(4) rows of K1P1 ribbing to match the top.  Use the mattress stitch to sew up the sides and weave in your ends.  YAY!!  Re-usable Drink Cozy! 

For this project I used scraps of Red Heart Super Saver Solids in White, Delft Blue (0885) and Gold (0321) but you could use any color combo you like.  Make the fish bright tropical colors even!!  That would be FUN!

I will sew black seed beads to the fish for eyes.  I didn't attempt last night and forgot to pack them this morning but your run of the mill, everyday round glass seed beads would work really well.  Very small buttons would also work for eyes.  White/clear/pearlized buttons would make really cute "bubbles" coming up from the fish mouth too!!

I used Size 6(4.25) Single Point Needles and a Darning needle.

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  1. Just darling! Thanks for sharing.