Friday, April 29, 2011

Grace Ennis Sailfish Socks #7241 from 1951

My son Mike decided to model for me so I could show you just how CUTE!!

UPDATE!!: Here are new pics of SailFish Sock #1 Complete and on my foot!! For those unfamiliar with Grace Ennis designs, she used fingering weight wool and angora yarns, silk blends, etc for her socks thus making the fish (in this case) smaller. These were novelty socks but advertised at Men's Trouser/Dress Socks. I used a cotton/elastic yarn here which is a littler thicker than Sport Weight/DK so my fishy is large. I like it that way but one day I will break down and buy some really nice yarns to knit my Grace Ennis socks!

I know, I know, FINISH one project before moving on Right? LOL I started these Grace Ennis SailFish socks the other night. I always have several projects cast on at once but I find that when I'm working on the Foot of a sock or a sock in the round that I get tired of going around and around and do better if I can set it down, knit something flat for a little while then pick up my round item again, and since I only knit socks, well....

These are being knit in Cascade Fixation cotton/elastic yarn. There is a texture to the yarn which is creating a wonderful effect on these socks. I usually don't like a cotton yarn but these are soft yet stretchy enough to hold a shape. I purchased the colors to also use this same yarn for the Red Devil Grace Ennis sock and think the final product will be fantastic!!

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