Wednesday, April 27, 2011

YAY!!! Spring Sock for Yahoo! Group is DONE!!!

April 1, 2011: This sock was a challenge for me to say the least! I'd never done "Lace" before and actually had never gotten a Yarn Over (YO) to work for me before so I knew from just looking at the pattern that this was going to be tough. The Picot edge is created using YOs too so 7 rows in I already needed help! I ripped out and ripped out but finally is "clicked" and I really enjoyed working on the second sock. This did require much more attention than I'm use to giving a project so no watching TV and knitting this sock!

I was on my way to work mid April and had my knitting bag with me, all packed in case I had an opportunity to knit at lunch but when I got to work I realized that my bag was not with me. Checked my car after work, checked home then and it was just gone! I was really confused! What had I done with this bag? I refused to re-cast on in a different yarn (plus buy more needles) and decided that I was just not going to participate in this round on my Six Socks Knitting group when my phone rang. This guy had my bag of "strings" and my dog collar (with all my contact info.) and wanted to get it back to me. I guess I set it on the roof of my car? Oh well, I got my socks back (albeit terribly dirty), finished the foot on the second sock and Ta Da!! all before the deadline! Whew!!!

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