Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carrots and Beets by SpillyJane!!

APRIL 29, 2011: UPDATE!! I didn't try these guys on until it was time for the toe decreases (Duh!!) only to find that the heel flap feels really thin to me. They are also just a wee bit snug on the carrot leaves so these will be ripped out and started again at just under the first row of beet leaves! =( Sigh...They were really a lot of fun and pretty quick so I will just count this experience as colorwork practice that Lord knows I need anyway! =)

How CUTE are these? This pattern is called Carrots and Beets Socks by Jane Dubois AKA SpillyJane (on FB and Ravelry) I LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff but have never attempted a project. So far so good although the gusset instructions have me a bit dazed. I may not be able to figure it out but I am not afraid to rip it out and start again!!

If you knit look her up! She has cupcakes, flamingos, gnomes, beer pints, cheeseburgers, etc. in both socks and mittens!!!

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