Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Conchas!!!

Well, the little masks really didn't work out as planned so nix the Teenage Mutant Ninja part and just focus on the TURTLE CONCHAS!!  haha--yum!

This is the recipe I always use when making Conchas-a Mexican Sweetbread found here in Texas everywhere. They are a yeast bread that isn't too sweet with a butter/sugar coating that is baked right on.  The design in the coating is made to look like a conch shell, hence the name Conchas.  I made a few little changes in my Turtles.

I used the McCormick FALL liquid food coloring for my nice dark green "shell".  I also added 1 1/2 teaspoons of Matcha Powder or Green Tea Powder.  Kinda mixing things up here just a little but the coating is really yummy with the Matcha and it is very good for you!!

I followed the above recipe exactly as written.  I've made them before and they've always worked very well for me!  Instead of making just round Conchas, I saw on Pinterest where someone made little turtles and I just had to make some too!  So, here are my little yeasty naked turtles before rising.

Then for the coating, I added the vanilla and the Matcha Powder to the butter, flour, sugar mixture and created the shells.  After mixing your "shell" ingredients together make little balls and flatten in your hand.  Lay on the top of your little turtles.  If you have some left over then gently press the extra pieces evenly among the turtles.  There are little gadgets to create the "perfect" patterns in the coating but I just use a knife and make any shape I want.  Swirls, turtle shell shapes and little squares.

Now let your little guys rest and rise for about 45 minutes before baking them.  See how the design "pops" after the buns have risen?  Yay!!

I had TOO many turtles on my cookie sheet and there was fusing!!  Doesn't change the taste at all and they turned out the perfect texture, density so I've got a happy tummy.  They won't be winning any beauty contests sadly but oh well. 

There is some green on the front of his head from the turtle shell in front of him.  Also, from this angle you can't see his little turtle legs but they are there.  No so purdy, but Oh So YUMMY!!  


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